Monica Gioeli, The Designer

Studio 33 Design Concepts is known on the West Coast for a signature style that embraces dramatic color and finds its grounding in classic periods, combining eras that blend interior design and artisan craftsmanship.

Appointing space is a gratifying, unscripted process for Studio 33 Design Concepts. Whether a project initially entails the restoration of a staircase to its historical glamour or evolves to blend select furnishings with wall colors and decor elements, we are committed to revealing your personal sense of style. 33 works collaboratively with clients or contractors to offer a wide range of services.

The Designer/Artisan: Monica M. Gioeli

Monica began Studio 33 Design Concepts with recommendations from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, California. She began providing her diversified design services to Southern California’s home and business owners while still a student. After more than 20 years in Southern California, Monica now services all trade fields across the USA - including residential and commercial clients, builders, architects, and painting contractors.

Inspired to design

Monica’s love affair with interior wall details, color, design and textiles began early on as she gravitated toward classicism with a modern twist. A series of enlightened designers, including William Morris and David Hicks, inspired her to bring rich artisan history forward for today’s aesthetic and practical needs. As an artist, she evolved from her painted canvas works into interior design, color consultation, architectural restoration and new design development.

Layered fabrics, wall coverings and rugs add body and texture to living and working space—all the little narratives around a room tell a story and reflect style and personality. She likes the interplay of objects, patterns and colors. Spaces and personalities guide her as she creates feeling and brings life to the work.

Inspired to create

Monica’s greatest design strengths manifest from the collections, materials, hard surfaces and other architectural details that she painstakingly selects. Studio 33's vast selection of resources is the result of Monica’s diligent search for beauty and practicality. Her strengths are on both sides of the creative spectrum. She possesses an innate design sensibility combined with technical conceptual renderings and design management experience. Passionate about her work, Monica works collaboratively yet asserts a confident control to help move clients through the decision-making process. The final product, a fabulous installation and more than satisfied clients.

Every project makes its own statement

Just as no two individuals see design and color the same way, no two projects are approached in the same manner. Studio 33 Design Concepts is a collaborative process that begins with an in-depth consultation.

Multiple viewpoints are essential to any solution. From the client to the rug importer, the antique dealer, the upholsterer, the mason and the contractor—professionals providing service—all input is considered and valued. Design and style reflect personality. Studio 33 makes the process supportive, comfortable and encouraging, not intimidating.